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Step 1:  Verify ThemeForest Purchase

You'll need to insert and validate your ThemeForest Item Purchase Code in order to proceed with the next step of registration.

Please note: This unique item purchase code will be validated then saved to your account details with us.


Step 2:  Support Policy & Terms of Agreement

What Is The Basis For Theme Support?

Please understand that we are NOT REQUIRED to offer theme support, neither was this implied or included by the purchasing of our theme. However, it is in good faith that we offer a level of complimentary theme support with every sale. That being said, it is our goal to offer theme related support in a timely efficient manner.

How Do I Get Support?

We only offer theme related support via this support forum. We will NOT provide any support via direct e-mail or Twitter. If you are experiencing account problems with our support forum, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or Twitter, but only under these circumstances.

How Soon Can I Expect a Response?

Our support hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm (GMT+3). Upon posting to the support forum, we make it our goal to respond within 48 hours. (Often times we will monitor the forums during non-hours and weekends, but this is not the standard.)

What Is Included In Theme Support?

We only offer support for our themes, features and functionality unique to our theme (beyond that of WordPress). Please note that we cannot assist with general WordPress support or help with theme modifications and customizations in any capacity within our complimentary support.

        • Third-party plugins
        • WordPress support (Use forums)
        • Addition of new features
        • Extending default theme features
        • Theme modifications and customizations

What If I Really Need Theme Customization?

When time is available we are free to help with contracted theme modifications and customizations. Our standard hourly rate is (USD) $75 per/hour. Once you've determined the details of what you need done, you may contact us via the forum for a private quote.

What If I Find A Bug?

We will address all theme bugs as quickly as possible once they are brought to our attention. Once we have corrected, tested, and updated our theme files, we notify of an available update ready for download via our support forum using a 'sticky'. You can then head on over to ThemeForest to re-download the new version of the theme files.

I have read, understood, and therefore am in agreement with the terms and conditions outlined in this support policy.

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